Someone Like You

Someone Like You – Adele

e T u T – e T u T – e T u T – e T u T – W Tu T – W Tu T – W Tu T – W Tu T – Q T I T – Q T I T – Q T I T – Q T I T -e y I y – e y I y – u T – r e – u u T – r e – u u T r e – u u T r e – u T r e I T e – r e r Q e – 0 Q Q r e r – u T – I u u u u y T T – T T Q Q e Q – 0 Q r e r – r e r T – e – T T T T r r e r r e r e e e – r e r e r – e r e r e e e T T T T T r r e r e r e r T Q – e r e r T – p p p p O O I O O p I I – I O p u u p O O I – O p I – p S S S S – f S – d S a p S S – S a p I – p p p p u u u I u u I I I I – p p p p u u u u y T T r e e

  1. Thank you Very Muich!

  2. there not event the right notes!!!!

  3. hey can you post the notes of when ur gone by avril lavigne? plz

  4. Jay Marrie Parcks

    Please they can put the song of what can i say shealeigh:)

  5. Could you put Who says by Selena Gomez Sheets ? (:

  6. Could you put waiting outside the lines by Greyson Chance pleased…


  8. Pleaseeeee~~ put perfect two by Auburn :3

  9. Amuha goim manyak zor la bu :D calana kadar ebem sikildi.
    ya sız şuna ajdar-şahdamarım ı da eklesenize :D

  10. can u put Sheet Kitaro Collection?any instrument kitaro Or song from a secret garden, well i like a slow or melow melody,… xDthanks

  11. ya ben bu parçayı çok seviyorum çalmayıda isityodum bnce hiçte zor değil

  12. does anyone understand the notes all it says is etetet

  13. someone has notes of Lana Del Rey?

  14. This is so AWESOME! It’s easy if you are a computer geek and if you memorised the entire keyboard… which is me :D

  15. all these “Y” and “Z” ‘s is totally not necessary.

  16. make Maroon 5 – Daylight pleeeease :)

  17. i don’t understand what the Capslock mean?

  18. how can i play and see this music sheet a the same time thnanks

  19. I love this song!

  20. dont get it

  21. I am in fact glad to glance at this webpage
    posts which carries lots of valuable facts, thanks
    for providing such information.

  22. great thx :)

  23. piano virtual me encanta aprendi mucho es casi lo que yo buscaba denserio no miento la mayoria lo tendria que descubrir a parte es muy fasil de aprender muchas grasias por leer esto atte:aby
    we. por que ponia eso no:)

  24. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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