Let it Go

Let it Go – Indina Menzel (from  Frozen)

rGhaG ha[wh]Ga hGafGa fGo [0d] s |  r G h a G h a [wh] G a h G a f G a f G o [0d] s | [0a] a a a a [8a] p o – o o [9p] p o I u 0 | [0p] a a a a d d 8 s  – o o [9p] a p o [0p] | 0 a a d f 8 d a d d 9 d s a s [0a] p | 0 a a p o p 9 a a p o 0 u 0 | 9 p p [pd] [pd] 9 p p [pf] [sdf] 8 f d f f d [8f] G h G G 9 p p [pd] [pd] p p [pf] [sdf] 8 z [lx] C [lzv] | 8 u I o [wy] | y y p [9e] | o I [0ru] u u u I o 8 p o | u I o [wy] –  a p [9ep] | o p [0a] a s a p [8o] | a s [od] [ya] [yp] 2 | [to] [yo] [3ud] [da] [1to] | o o I y y | assasassao

Transcipt by: VirtualPianist

  1. do you wanna build a snowman

  2. 1 that is creepy and 2 i meant can you give us the notes to do you want to build a snowman

    • Do You Wanna Build a Snowman-
      hkz hkz hk (x3)
      hkz hkz hkh hhhdhkjk hhhhdhkj
      hhdhklkh klkh hhdhkz zzlklzh
      hjkh hkjhjkx hhhdhkjk hhhhdhkjh
      hGh hkz hkz hk (x3) hkz hkz hkh
      sssosfdf ssssosfd ssssosfgfs
      ssfgfs ssosfh hhgfghs ssdfs
      sfdsdfj sosososo(5 count wait)
      lllhlxzx llllhlxz llllh lxcxl llxcxl lxlv vvcxcvl
      llzxl xzlzxb lllhlxzx

      Also, isn’t that quite rude…? S/he (Not really sure) was just trying to be funny also hinting that maybe you should (1) have better grammar and (2) be more specific as to what you are talking about.

  3. Would you be able to do love is an open door? =D

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